COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

General information on Coronavirus and its impact in NI

The Public Health Agency has the latest information on the number of people tested for and confirmed as being diagnosed with COVID-19 in Northern Ireland.  More information is also available at NI Direct.

Everyone has been asked to stay at home, except for very limited purposes, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  If you are a keyworker, you may be able to attend for work.  You are also allowed to leave your home for any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.

Updates from Public Health Agency
NI Direct
Advice on Staying at Home, Self Isolation, Washing Hands
What to do if you think you have coronavirus
Protect yourself and others from coronavirus

Download the COVID-19 NI App on Google Play or search for Covid-19 NI on the Apple Store.

Coronavirus Information in Alternative formats

These documents will open in PDF.

Coronavirus Public Information Downloads and Translations
Coronavirus Advice Czechoslovakian Translation
Coronavirus Advice Hungarian Translation
Coronavirus Advice Romanian Translation
Coronavirus Advice Romani Translation
Coronavirus Advice Hand Hygiene, Symptoms, Isolation (Easy Read format)
Coronavirus Advice: Learning Disability (Easy Read format)
Coronavirus Advice: British Sign Language (BSL) Video
Coronavirus Advice: Irish Sign Language (ISL) Video
Key contacts for support for blind and partially sighted people in NI
Shopping Advice (Social Distancing)

Northern Trust Services

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many health and social care services have been stood down or significantly reduced. However, we are now past the first peak in Northern Ireland and we are beginning to rebuild services. As we do so we have to recognise that Coronavirus will be with us for some time, and this will change the way we provide many of those services. Some of the factors that will influence service delivery are:

  • The need to ensure that effective infection control measures are in place
  • The need for effective social distancing, wherever possible
  • The availability of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • The availability of staff
  • Budgetary constraints

This document outlines Phase 1 of three proposed phases in our ‘rebuild’ plan:
NHSCT Rebuild Plan Phase One (June 2020)
Read more

New visiting arrangements
NHSCT Services affected and Health Advice for service users
Northern Trust Surge Plans: 3 April 2020
Northern Trust Surge Plans: 27 March 2020

In light of disruption, our staff are doing things differently.  Some parts of our service are connecting virtually with service users using a video-calling service called ZOOM.

How to access and set up ZOOM


The Northern Trust currently organises COVID-19 tests for healthcare workers and their families and those accessing certain Trust services, for example, elective care.

A COVID-19 Testing Programme is available for members of the public across Northern Ireland including sites in the Northern Trust area.

This programme is not managed by the Northern Trust but is run on a regional basis by the Public Health Agency.

If you would like to book a test, or require more information, please visit NI Direct where detailed testing information is available.

Healthcare Apps to help you during Covid-19

Health and Social Care (HSC) in NI in partnership with ORCHA (Organisation for Review of Care and Health Apps) has developed a library of high quality, convenient Apps to support health and social wellbeing during these difficult times.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted on us all, leading to unprecedented changes in our everyday lives. The restricted living conditions and daily challenges we face can lead to feelings of stress and other difficult emotions.

The Apps included in the library provide useful support and information on how to manage stress and improve wellbeing, sleep management, staying fit and nutrition.

You can access the Apps Library via your smart phone or PC at: –

Department of Health Guidance for Direct Payments

Guidance for people receiving Direct Payments

Information for carers

Northern Trust Carer Hub – Central point of contact

Information for those who have been bereaved

Support for children, bereaved parents and organisations that can help

Faith Resources

In response to church closures, a wide and varied range of virtual faith resources have been developed. In recognition of the importance of faith for many older services users and their carers, this directory has been compiled to offer virtual access to those resources. In particular, this resource is designed for use by care home staff and Trust staff providing support to residents in care homes.

Directory of online Faith Resources

Can you help?

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland is calling on thousands of healthcare professionals and support workers to help us by registering to work for us at this critical time.

Register at HSC Workforce Appeal


The Northern Trust is committed to supporting our suppliers during the Covid-19 period.  If you have a payment query, please email
We will review and respond as soon as possible.

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25th February 2020

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