Visiting Arrangements – Effective from 6 July 2020

Changes to Visiting Arrangements

The Northern Trust has set out the new visiting arrangements in place following the announcement by Health Minister, Robin Swann, that changes to visiting across all care settings would come into place from Monday 6 July.

The revised arrangements respect the right of people to visit their loved ones in hospitals and care homes, while balancing the ongoing risk from Covid-19.

New arrangements

  • Virtual visiting remains the preference and no-one feeling unwell or with symptoms of COVID-19 should visit. All HSC sites have access to free Wifi and our staff will help set this up on the patient’s device.  Please be patient as our staff will have to prioritise clinical work and patient care.
  • Children under 16 are not permitted to visit unless there are exceptional circumstances and it has been agreed by the Nurse in Charge and members of the public who are shielding are also strongly discouraged from visiting.
  • Visiting times may change as the hospitals manage social distancing so anyone planning to visit should contact the ward in advance to agree a suitable time. Arrangements for Intensive Care Units may be different and visitors are urged to speak to the Nurse in Charge.
  • Patients or next of kin can nominate two people who are permitted to visit them. Only one visitor is permitted a day and for a maximum of one hour as set out by the Department of Health.
  • Visitors, and those attending appointments, are asked to bring their own face covering and to wear it at all times. No access will be permitted without a face covering.
  • Visiting arrangements for maternity services have changed. Partners, or a nominated other, can now attend 12 and 20-week scans, the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit and Fetal Maternal Assessment Unit. Partners are also now permitted to attend during induction of labour and to visit the ward as part of the general hospital visiting arrangements.
    Further information regarding outpatients and inpatient appointments: Visiting information for pregnant women attending Maternity Services

The Trust welcomes feedback from visitors as we implement these new measures which will be kept under review, in line with the principles outlined by the Health Minister.

Restaurants will remain closed to the public given the short duration of visits and to assist in maintaining social distancing.

Visiting Guidance in other languages

These documents will open in PDF (before the links).

Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Arabic
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Bulgarian
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Cantonese
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Lithuanian
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Mandarin
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Polish
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Portuguese
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Romanian
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Slovak
Covid Visiting Guidance 24 07 2020 Tetum

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