Innovation for Ageing

An event is being held today to showcase innovation in health and social care services for older people.

The “Innovation for Ageing” event has been organised by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust at the Seamus Heaney HomePlace in Bellaghy. It will be attended by healthcare professionals, community and voluntary organisations and statutory agencies and will map an older person’s healthcare journey, showcasing some of the innovative services being used to support them.

Dr Tony Stevens, Chief Executive of the Northern Trust, said: “As our people live longer we are required to be more creative in developing health and care services that meet their needs. This event aims to stimulate a collaboration with our community and partner organisations in designing and sharing innovative approaches to the delivery of care.

To meet the challenges that lie ahead, it is essential that our professionals feel empowered to innovate and to continually develop and improve services. Today we will share information about services developed in this Trust and other Trusts with the wider community to hear their thoughts and feedback so that we can all continue to improve and develop together.”

With an ageing population increasing numbers of people are now living with a dementia in Northern Ireland. The event therefore includes a particular focus on innovations in dementia care, including CLEAR Dementia Care ©. This is a new model of assessment and intervention, designed by the Northern Trust, for behaviours that carers find difficult to understand and manage. It has recently been adopted by some Trusts in England and is now to be rolled out to other Trusts in Northern Ireland.

Dr Frances Duffy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the Northern Trust, commented: “Sometimes when a person is diagnosed with dementia, other people see only the label of dementia and their unique life story is lost. It is important to remember that the person with dementia has the same needs as all of us but they may have more difficulty telling us what they need. When staff, carers and the community understand the perspective of the person with dementia this has a positive impact on their interaction and quality of life so events like this are important in increasing that understanding."

Nearly two-thirds of those admitted to hospital in the Trust are over 65 years old so the event will also highlight innovations in inpatient care. This includes the development of new pathways for elderly people, preventing them having to attend the Emergency Department. It also includes a new clinic established in nursing homes to ensure residents’ medicines are appropriate and effective.

The event will also look at innovation in community care which supports people to remain well at home. Working in partnership with nursing homes and agencies, such as NIAS, it entails preventing hospital admission and the use of technology to help older people to feel safe within their own homes.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the event should follow #Innovate4Ageing.

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