Mental wellbeing

Living life to the full

This is a new online resource called ´Living Life to the Full´, which covers key life skills that we can use in our lives when we feel under pressure, stressed, distressed or suffer from depression.  It covers a number of different subjects.

  • Understanding why we feel as we do
  • Practical problem solving skills
  • Using anxiety control training relaxation
  • Overcoming reduced activity
  • Helpful and unhelpful behaviours
  • Using medication effectively
  • Noticing unhelpful thoughts
  • Changing unhelpful thoughts
  • Healthy living - sleep, food, diet and exercise
  • Staying well

Distress, low mood and worry are major mental health problems of the 21st century and affect one in three of us at some time.

If you or someone else you know is experiencing any of these issues, help and support is available through this tool.  To gain access to the tool, simply click on the website link below.

If you decide to use the site at you might find it helpful to ask a friend to support you.

If you access the programme and you feel you need further help and support, talk to someone else, for example, your manager or visit your GP.

For further advice and information, please visit our mental health section.

Page last updated:08 February 2013