Our priorities & plans

The Northern Trust aims to improve services in 7 priority areas in line with objectives and targets set out in the Programme for Government and associated Public Service Agreements and Priorities for Action.

Our Corporate Plan details each of these priorities and sets out our goals and objectives for the next three years.

Our annual Trust Delivery Plan sets out what we will achieve and the actions, resources and timescales to achieve these targets.

The 7 priority areas are:

  • Improve the health status of the population and reduce health inequalities
  • Ensure services are safe and sustainable, accessible and patient-centred
  • Integrate primary, community and secondary care services
  • Help older people to live independently
  • Improve children's health and well-being
  • Improve mental health services and services for people with disabilities
  • Ensure financial stability and the effective use of resources

Our Northern HSC Trust Management Statement document outlines the framework within which the Trust will operate.

Page last updated:22 January 2019