User Groups

The Trust has a number of User Groups/Forums. The links below provide more detail on each of these groups.

Older Peoples Panel
Terms of Reference
Minutes of 31 August 2016 meeting
Minutes of 11 May 2016 meeting
Minutes of 11 November 2015 meeting
Minutes of 24 June 2015 meeting
Minutes of 11 May 2015 meeting
Minutes of 4 March 2015 meeting

Disability Consultation Panel
Notes of 7 August 2017 meeting  
Notes of 5 December 2016 meeting
Notes of 26 September 2016 meeting
Notes of 6 June 2016 meeting
Notes of 7 March 2016 meeting
Notes of 7 December 2015 meeting
Minutes of 28 September 2015 meeting
Minutes of 15 June 2015 meeting
Minutes of 23 March 2015 meeting

The Forum (for people who use learning disability services)
Minutes 12 February 2015

If you are interested in being involved we will support you in a number of different ways. We will provide you with the appropriate information and training you require, reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses and provide you with personal support.

Page last updated:14 December 2017