Help us to keep our hospitals infection free

The Northern Trust is committed to ensuring that none of our patients contract an avoidable infection whilst in our hospitals.

Hand-washing is the most basic and effective way of controlling the spread of infection.

The Trust is asking that visitors and patients :

- Wash their hands or use the hand sanitizers / foam on entering and leaving the hospital and wards.

- Limit visitors to two per bed as overcrowding can lead to the spread of infection.

- Avoid food poisoning by not bringing food into the hospital that requires refrigeration.

In addition, the Trust is asking that visitors :

- Do not sit on patient beds.

- Stay at home and do not visit the hospital if you are unwell with a cold, vomiting or diarrhoea

- Only use public toilets.

Olive MacLeod, Director of Nursing said “The Trust has seen a substantial improvement in our infection rates, however, we need the public who visit our healthcare facilities to continue to work with us to keep our patients safe. Hand-washing plays a vital role in our fight against infection. Thank you for your continued support”.

Page last updated:15 November 2013