Revalidation is the new process that all nurses and midwives will need to go through in order to renew their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The process allows nurses and midwives to maintain their registration and demonstrate their ability to practice safely and effectively.

The new system of revalidation is effective from April 2016.

Revalidation process

In order to prepare for revalidation, nurses and midwives should read the revalidation process.

Revalidation guides and forms

Nurses and midwives must refer to the following NMC documents:

NMC code
NMC How to Revalidate
NMC Employers guide to revalidation
NMC Information for Confirmers
NMC guidance on reflective discussion
NMC Alternative Support Arrangements 
NMC templates completed
NMC Step by step guide

Information for managers/confirmers
Nursing and midwifery managers within the Northern Trust (from band 6/7 upwards) will act as confirmers for staff whom they have direct or indirect professional responsibility. Managers who are not a registered nurse or midwife must work with and identify a professional lead to support revalidation requirements for their nurses/midwives.

Specific documents for your support and information:

NHSCT revalidation toolkit
Revalidation : the role of the Confirmer

Information for registrants
Nurses and midwives are responsible for their own revalidation process (NMC ‘How to Revalidate’ 2015).

Specific documents for your support and information:

NHSCT Completed Portfolio example
NMC blank templates
NMC Revalidation Timescale blank
NMC Practice Related Feedback log

Revalidation training
Library Information Honni

Revalidation queries
The Northern Trust has revalidation champions across its sites if you have any queries.

Hub & Spoke Support System 
Frequently Asked Questions about Revalidation

NHSCT Revalidation newsletters
Edition 12- May 2019
Edition 11- Nov 2018
Edition 10- March 2018
Edition 9- Nov 2017
Edition 8- July 2017
Edition 7 - April 2017
Edition 6 - October 2016
Edition 5 - July 2016
Edition 4 - January 2016
Edition 3 - December 2015
Edition 2 - November 2015
Edition 1 - October 2015

All managers must ensure that those nurses and midwives for whom they have direct or indirect professional responsibility have effective systems in place to assist all staff to meet the NMC revalidation requirements in an effective and timely manner. This includes ongoing support and monitoring of readiness of staff to meet the revalidation requirements at all times especially during phases of planned and unplanned leave.

Information Governance
It is anticipated that revalidation dates will be held on HRPTS. Please explore locally your arrangements to facilitate this.

Page last updated:21 May 2019