RCN Nurse of the Year Awards

The Trust had three winners and three runners up, including runner up in the prestigious Nurse of the Year Award at the RCN Awards in Hillsborough.

Pat McClelland, General Manager for Cancer Services won the Brownlee-Silverdale Leadership Award which recognises those who, through good leadership, have improved services for patients or clients.

Kirsty McKay, won the Cancer Nurse Award for her work with prostate cancer patients and Lillian McClelland won the Learning in Practice Award for her work in the endoscopy unit

District Nurses Marysia Graffin and Sarah Arthur were runners up in the RCN Nurse of the Year Award. This was an incredible achievement and recognised their vision and creativity by designing and implementing a sterile dressing pack in district nursing. Staff and patient’s evaluations state it has revolutionised care delivery and shows a true ethos of patient centred care.

Lorraine Crymble and Jean Gilmour, Infection Control Nurses were runners up in the Learning in Practice Award while David Olphert, Bereaved by Suicide Liaison Officer, was the runner up in the Public Health Award.

Olive MacLeod, Executive Director of Nursing and User Experience, commended the staff for their efforts. She said, “I, along with the rest of the senior management team, am very proud of the staff that have been recognised and would like to congratulate them, and the others who have been awarded this year, on their success. We also have a number of staff shortlisted for awards in the future so I would like to take the opportunity to wish them good luck in their endeavours. These are people who are passionate about the job they do and the care they provide and it is gratifying for us all to see that recognised.”

Top row: 1. Roberta Brownlee, Pat McClelland and Janice Smyth. 2. Roy Spence, Kirsty McKay, Heather Monteverde and Janice Smyth.  3. Jeremy Roache, Lilian McClelland and Janice Smyth.
Bottom row: 1. Charlotte McArdle, Marysia Graffin, Sarah Arthur and Janet Davies.  2. Jeremy Roache, Jean Gilmour, Lorraine Crymble and Janice Smyth.  3. Eddie Rooney, David Olphert and Janice Smyth.


Page last updated:04 July 2016