Innovation and Best Practice Award

Dalriada Hospital staff have won an innovation and best practice award for their work in improving nutrition and patient experience during meal times. The award was presented at the recent Community Hospital Association Conference in Bristol.

As part of the winning project, nursing staff were able to improve the overall nutritional status of patients by creating and implementing a person-centred care plan, food chart, feedback sessions and additional training specific to nutrition. Other changes included the introduction of coloured plates and cups for dementia patients which helps them when eating as they can see the food more clearly, additional menu choices and making snacks and condiments more readily available for all patients.

To ensure everyone could contribute their views and the best outcome for the patient, catering and domestic staff, nurses, healthcare assistants, patients and their carers were all involved in the project. Staff now have increased knowledge and understanding of nutrition and the needs of patients in hospital, as well as understanding that every patient’s nutritional needs may be different and care should be individual.

Siobhan Shannon, Project Lead said, “The staff at Dalriada Hospital are delighted to win this award which acknowledges all the hard work that has been put in to improve the care to our patients. The project has resulted in a 100% increase in accurate completion of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) which helps identify which patients need additional care and really positive feedback from our patient satisfaction survey.”

Olive MacLeod, Executive Director of Nursing and User Experience in the Northern Trust congratulated staff from Dalriada Hospital on their award saying,

“This success really demonstrates how staff put patients at the heart of what they do, identifying their needs and working hard to put measures in place to ensure they are met and that they receive the best care possible. Well done!”

The project was supported by the Foundation of Nursing Studies Patients First Programme in partnership with the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

Pictured are the team from Dalriada Hosptial who picked up the Innovation and Best
Practice Award in Bristol: Marie McKillop, Staff Nurse, Mikela Mulholland, Healthcare
Assistant, Jane Leighton, Ward Manager and Siobhan Shannon, Project lead with Dr Phil
Moore, Chair of the Community Hospital Association




Page last updated:04 July 2016