Personal and Public Involvement

Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) is the active and effective involvement of service users, carers and the public in Health and Social Care services.

PPI is now a legislative requirement for all Health and Social Care organisations since 2009. The Northern Trust recognises the importance of involving service users, carers, clients and patients to ensure that we provide the best services that we can.

PPI Standards

5 standards have been developed which set out what is expected of HSC organisations and staff to drive towards a truly person-centred system.  The five standards are:

1. Leadership
2. Governance
3. Opportunities and support for involvement
4. Knowledge and skills
5. Measuring outcomes.

Further information on the PPI standards is available here

PPI Information
Personal and Public Involvement Annual Report 2018 - 2019
Public and Personal Involvement (PPI) Strategy.

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