Northern Trust Board stands down most of the proposals in the Trust’s Savings Plan

The Board of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust today approved the standing down of all the ‘major and/or controversial’ proposals that were submitted under the Trust’s Savings Plan, with the exception of that relating to car parking at acute hospital sites.

Speaking following an Extraordinary Board Meeting in Ballymena, Trust Chairman, Bob McCann said:

“We would like to thank the public across the whole of the Trust area for the sensitive and dignified way in which they engaged in the consultation process and for the extensive feedback provided. The Board found the process and that feedback invaluable.

“The additional funding announced by the Department of Health is to be welcomed. Whilst the Board recognises its responsibility to deliver financial balance, it was also mindful of the significant collective impact that the proposals would have had on front-line services, particularly if the proposals had been implemented so quickly coming into the winter period.

“I can now confirm that the only ‘major and/or controversial’ proposal which will go forward to the Health and Social Care Board for consideration, is that relating to an increase in car parking charges at acute hospitals. All of the ‘low impact’ normal in-year financial management proposals, amounting to total savings of £6.3 million will proceed as planned.

“However we would stress that there is no room for complacency. Whilst the additional funding provides a temporary reprieve, the major challenges still remain and as a result, we will continue with our ongoing reform agenda. The transformation agenda is essential if we are to have a financially stable and sustainable health service.”


The proposal to increase car parking charges at the Northern Trust’s acute hospital sites in Antrim and Causeway, and which will go to the HSCB for consideration/approval before, will add £0.20 per hour for parking of less than one hour and £0.30 per hour for parking of over one hour (revised charges would be £1.30 for less than one hour, £1.90 for 1-2 hours and £2.30 for 2-3 hours).

If this proposal were to be implemented at the beginning of November 2017, it would deliver an indicative income of £75,000 by the end of March 2018.

Page last updated:09 November 2017