Join the Take-a-Break Forum and help deliver future services

A review of the Northern Trust short break services for people with a learning disability, called ‘Take-a-Break,’ resulted in 24 recommendations aimed to make sure best practice is being followed and that the resources are being used in the best way possible. During the review people with a learning disability, their family/carers and providers helped create a five year plan, which will change the way short breaks are commissioned, delivered and supported by the Trust. This Plan will now be led by a group of people who have an interest in our short break services (Forum).

We are now looking for people to take part in the Forum with circumstances that fall into one of the following groups:

1. A person with a learning disability who receives short breaks

2. A carer whose ‘cared for’ person receives short breaks from one of these services

• Direct payments

• Share the Care Scheme

• Hollybank, Ellis Court, Woodford Park, Ross Lodge or a Nursing Home

• Paying for your own short break

3. A provider of short breaks within the Northern Trust

4. An advocacy service provider for people with learning disabilities or their families in the Northern Trust

Donna Morgan, Head of Service said, “We want to encourage people who are involved in short break services to have a say in the future of how they will be run. Everyone will share power to make the plans work. We will respect everybody's strengths and differences and treat everyone the same. If necessary, we will help service users get to and from any meetings. We really want the people affected to feel heard and believe this is the best way to make sure we deliver a great service.”

If you interested and fall into one of the groups above we would love to hear from you by Saturday 18 November 2017.

To register please telephone 028 9441 3334 or email

Easy read version of Take-a-Break Forum information
Consultation on the outcome of our review of short breaks for adults with learning disabilities

Page last updated:31 October 2017