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Personal and Public Involvement

Central to all planning and service developments in the Trust is a commitment to partnership, working with service users, with staff, with staff side organisations and professional bodies and with our communities, to ensure that the services we offer are reflective of the needs of the communities we serve.  Ongoing discussion between the Trust and interested individuals or groups is an important part of decision making and this is reflected in our Public and Personal Involvement (PPI) Strategy.

Personal and Public Involvement Annual Report 2014-2015
PPI Consultation Scheme June 2012


Effective consultation allows the Trust to make informed decisions, to improve the delivery of services and its accountability.  In this section of our website we will provide you with information regarding consultations and advice on how you can give your views.  If you require more information please contact the Northern Trust Equality Unit on 028 2766 1377 or email:

Consultee list

Statutory residential care for older people

September 2016
Consultation on the outcome of our review of short breaks for adults with learning disabilities and their carers

May 2016
Consultation on the development of Ophthalmic Clinical Centres

March 2016
Urology Consultation Outcome Report February 2016

July 2014
Draft Good Relations Strategy
Reprovision of Mental Health Inpatient Services

March 2014
Section 75 Action Based Plan and Disability Action Plan
Consultation on the future of Respite (Short Breaks) Services for Children with Disabilities

December 2013
Personal and Public Involvement Annual Report 2012 - 2013
Personal and Public Involvement Strategy Consultation Outcome Report

November 2013
EMI  consultation - The future of care for people living with dementia
EMI - The future of care for people living with denentia - Feedback Letter
Our plans for older people's services
Primary Care and Community Care for Older People Services
Consultation and Engagement Plan

April 2013
Consultation on the Personal and Public Involvement Strategy 2013 - 2015
Consultation period: 11 March 2013 - 3 June 2013
Our future – your say, Consultation on the future of care for people living with dementia
Consultation period: 15 February 2013 – 10 May 2013
Consultation on the Northern Health and Social Care Trust's Disability Action Plan
Consultation period: 1 July 2012 – 30 April 2014

If you would like to be added to our consultation database, please contact the Equality Unit on 028 2766 1377 or email

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