Involving You

Northern Health and Social Care Trust is committed to strengthening and improving the quality and effectiveness of personal and public involvement in order to tackle inequalities in health, promote health and wellbeing, and to improve service delivery and patient experience.

High quality engagement with, and involvement of patients, clients, service users, carers and the public can have a positive impact on the delivery of services. Effective involvement is central to the delivery of quality care and can lead to improvements in the experience of using services.

Delivering Together’ – Regional Health and Social Care Engagement Event

A regional Health and Social Care engagement event was held in Knockbracken Hall on 19 January 2017. Please note link to the report which details the outcome of this event.  The report is also available on request in any alternative formats to optimise accessibility.

The purpose of this regional engagement event was to develop our Equality and Disability Action Plans. We hope that our engagement to date marks only the start of effective partnership working and that we will be able to co-design many forthcoming projects. We agreed that we would draft our action plans to tackle inequalities and to promote disability duties based on your priorities, perspectives and experience. The feedback detailed in the outcome report will shape our plans which will be consulted on in August 2017.

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Contact us:
Alison Irwin
Head of Equality and Trust Lead for PPI
Tel: 028 2766 1377

Lynda Elliott
PPI Co-Ordinator
Tel: 028 2766 1453


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