Personal Review and Development

Personal Review and Development in the Northern Trust is based on the National Health Service Knowledge and Skills Framework (NHS KSF).

The KSF is a framework to support personal development and career progression within the NHS. It applies to all staff except board members, directors, doctors and dentists, as there are separate arrangements for their review.

The NHS KSF was developed and is implemented in partnership by management and trade unions. Through KSF Post Outlines, it defines and describes the knowledge and skills which staff need to apply in their work in order to deliver a quality service. It is essentially a development tool and is designed to support the development of individuals in the work they do. As part of the system, staff have an annual Personal Review and Development Planning process which helps to ensure clear understanding of their job and identifies any development needed.

Under Agenda for Change there are nine pay bands, each with a number of pay points. In most years, pay progression will take the form of an annual increase in pay from one pay point to the next within a payband as there is a normal expectation of progression. At two defined points in each payband there are gateway points - Foundation Gateway, which is 12 months into the post, and the Second Gateway which is towards the end of the payband.

At these points staff are expected to demonstrate, at their annual Personal Review, the required knowledge and skills to pass through the Gateway and progress through the payband. It is expected that the Personal Review and Development Planning process will equip staff to meet these requirements and pass through the gateway points.

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