Religious/spiritual needs

Chaplains from the Church of Ireland, Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic Churches visit our hospitals regularly. Chaplains are part of the hospital caring team, to be alongside you and support you during your stay in hospital. They seek to bring spiritual, religious and pastoral care to all people, irrespective of faith or background. If you request it, the Chaplains can contact your own Church or Faith community on your behalf.

Chaplains regularly visit the wards. Feel free to stop a chaplain for a chat. They are available to patients, family / carers and staff. If you wish to contact any of the Chaplains please ask a member of ward staff to phone the hospital switchboard and your message will be passed on to us.

Rev. Jack Moore, Lead Chaplain
Tel: (028) 9442 4000 ext 33 2540 

Cultural diversity

We know that communities are made up of people from differing religious and cultural backgrounds and it is important that Trust staff deal with patients and their families appropriately and in the most sensitive and thoughtful way as possible. This will include cultural considerations in respect of medical treatments and sensitivity to different cultural attitudes and requirements when providing our services. The Trust's Multi Cultural Handbook provides specific advice on cultural issues but please talk to a member of staff if you have any specific religious or cultural requirements.

Page last updated:08 July 2016