Health and safety

We will do everything possible to maintain the safety and well-being of your relations while they are in hospital. You can help us to reduce any risks by observing some simple health, safety and welfare guidelines.

Working together to tackle Healthcare Associated Infections

Reducing such infections is a top priority and long-term commitment of the Trust and we will continue to take every step possible to keep healthcare associated infections to a minimum. Hand hygiene is the most effective means of preventing spread of infection.

Please refer to our Infection Control section for detailed information regarding visitor guidelines and how you can help tackle healthcare associated infections.


We have a strict ‘No Smoking Policy’ for patients, visitors and staff on all of our hospital sites, except in designated smoking areas. We would ask patients and visitors not to smoke at the front door of the hospital.


Hospital floors are not carpeted. Please wear suitable shoes so that you do not slip.


Children must be supervised at all times, for patient wellbeing and health and safety reasons. There are many hazards in hospital.

Fire safety

If the fire alarm sounds intermittently

This indicates there is a fire in an adjacent part of the hospital and that you are in no immediate danger.

If the fire alarm sounds continuously

The fire is in an immediate area. The nurses will follow set procedures to ensure your safety and may give you instructions or provide help.

If the fire is in your immediate area you will be evacuated to another location away from the fire. You will be given instructions by the nurse in charge and the Fire and Rescue Service.

Lifts must not be used

If you are away from the ward when a continuous fire alarm sounds do not return to the ward. Stay where you are and obey instructions from members of staff.

In the event of fire, all patients must be accounted for. This is one of the reasons why they must always inform the staff before leaving the ward.

Page last updated:10 January 2013