Hospital staff

Identifying hospital staff

You will be able to identify staff by their uniforms (see descriptions below). All uniforms have the job role of the wearer clearly identified on the right breast pocket, all employees wear a hospital identification badge which will also denote their job role – if this is not visible please ask who they are and to see their badge. If you are still not satisfied please call a member of the ward staff.

Ward Sister / Charge Nurse
Dark blue dress or tunic and trousers

Registered Nurses and Midwives
Light blue dress or tunic and trousers

Healthcare Assistant
Striped tunic and trousers

Not in uniform but wears ID badge. Some medical staff wear green scrub suits

Ward Clerks
White tunic and trousers

Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist and assistants
White tunic and trousers

Not in uniform but wears ID badge

Light blue shirt and dark blue trousers

Domestic Services
Sky blue tunic trimmed with white and blue trousers

Pharmacy Technician
Dark green tunic and trousers

Phlebotomist (takes blood tests)
Striped tunic and trousers

Social Worker
Not in uniform but wears ID badge

Page last updated:08 January 2015