When you go home

The length of stay may vary depending on your needs. Most women choose to go home as soon as they feel well enough. If you become unwell or have had a complicated birth, your discharge home will be planned following discussion between the doctor, the midwives and yourself.

Before you go home please inform the Maternity Unit staff if you have a new address or telephone number so that they can inform the community midwife who will visit you between 9 am - 5 pm the next day. A plan of postnatal care and a schedule for further visits will be agreed with you. If you have any difficulties prior to the community midwife’s arrival or if the midwife has not made contact by 4 pm please contact the Postnatal Ward.

Before you have the baby you should plan who will help and support you at home particularly in the early postnatal days so that you can catch up on your rest and have time to enjoy your baby.

Page last updated:07 November 2014