Feedback on our services

We encourage all our service users to give feedback on our services so we can continue to improve the care that we provide.  If you have any compliments, suggestions or complaints please use our feedback form.

Maternity Matters group (Maternity Services Liaison Committee - MSLC)
The Maternity Matters group is an independent body of parents and health service staff who advise the Trust on the care they provide women, their partners and their babies, during pregnancy, birth and the weeks after.

Who can be a member?
You can become a member of the Maternity Matters group if you live in the Northern Trust area and recently had a baby in Antrim Area or Causeway Hospitals.

If you would like more information or to become a member please contact the Head of Midwifery on 028 9442 2298.

Page last updated:23 February 2016