Falls prevention

Falling is a common problem throughout our lifetime but as we get older the risk of injury from falls gets greater.

What can you do to help protect yourself from falling?

  • Make your home safer - Remove clutter from floors and stairways and lift loose mats.  Avoid trailing flexes.
  • Look after your eyesight - Have your eyes tested at least every two years.
  • Take care with your day-to-day activities - Sit down to wash and dress, use a non-slip bath or shower mat, take your time and put on a light when getting up to go to the toilet at night.
  • Look after your feet - Wear well fitting shoes.
  • Keep active - Regular exercise such as walking or gardening will help your balance or strength.
  • Look after your health -Get the flu and pneumonia vaccine
  • Wear a pendant alarm
  • Get your GP or Pharmacy to review your medication

For more advice and information on falls and how to avoid them, please contact:

Leesa Houston                                           
Senior Health Promotion Officer                
Health Improvement Service                     
Spruce House                                            
Cushendall Road                                       
Telephone: 2563 5575
Email: leesa.houston@northerntrust.hscni.net      

Sharon Love
Falls Injury Prevention Nurse
Orel House
2-8 Castle Street
Telephone: 9442 6100
Email: sharon.love@northerntrust.hscni.net

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Page last updated:04 February 2013