Mental health


Mental health influences how we think and feel about ourselves, affecting our ability to learn, to communicate and to form, sustain and end relationships.

It is worth remembering that anyone can suffer from poor mental health which can range from anxiety, stress or feeling down, to more severe conditions like depression and schizophrenia. In fact, at least one in five people will experience some form of common mental health problem in any year.

In seeking to improve people’s emotional wellbeing, the Northern Trust is keen not only to focus on reducing the risk factors that can contribute to poor mental health and lead to suicide, but also on increasing the "protective factors". Protective factors can help individuals to strengthen their mental health and support them to make positive choices in relation to their emotional wellbeing.

These protective factors that are improved through our Northern Area services include resilience and coping skills, conflict and problem solving skills, encouraging family and community support, effective care for mental and physical health, tackling substance misuse, and support for help-seeking behaviour.

In this area of the website you will find further information on Trust mental health services, mental health advice, specific information about what the Trust is doing to help and how to get mental health information and support both online and in your local community.

Page last updated:23 December 2014