Sexual health


Sexual health is a very important part of our health throughout life. When there are issues with our sexual health it can impact many other aspects of personal, family and community life.

It is important to take ownership of our sexual health and seek help and advice to support our decision making. Practising safer sex will not only help reduce the risk of a sexually transmitted infections (STIs) but will also help prevent against an unplanned pregnancy.

This section of our site provides information and advice on aspects of sexual health for all ages and on local services which can support you to look after your sexual health.

Home testing

The Trust is operating a pilot project with SH24 to provide home testing kits to anyone who does not have symptoms but would still like to avail of an STI check.  Test kits can be ordered directly and posted to your home.

If you have symptoms of a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) please make an appointment at the relevant clinic.

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Page last updated:01 October 2019