Stop smoking

Smoking is the single greatest preventable cause of premature death and avoidable illness. It affects health directly and contributes to diseases such as cancers, coronary heart disease, lung disease and stroke as well as many others.
18% of the population of Northern Ireland over 15 are smokers, with smoking causing 2300 deaths each year in Northern Ireland and 120,000 deaths UK wide. Approximately half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their habit as each cigarette shortens the lifespan by five minutes, which on average shortens the smoker’s life by 10-15 years.
Smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs £3,650 (figures based on a smoker paying £10 per packet). 70% of smokers want to give it up but find it extremely difficult because of their addiction to tobacco.

Smoke free

The Northern Trust became a smoke-free zone from March 2016. This means smoking or using e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere on the hospital grounds (ie entrances, doorways, cars, car parks). The policy applies to all staff, patients, visitors or anyone who enters our facilities or grounds.
Why not watch the videos of Alma and Tammy who have both stopped smoking. 

For free specialist support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy contact your GP or local pharmacy.

Pharmacy Stop Smoking providers

Alternatively you can contact the Trust Smoking Cessation Nurses on 028 2563 5575 or
Causeway area: 078 2733 4605

For further advice and information please visit

Page last updated:05 December 2018