Assessment for ASD is carried out by members of the Paediatric ASD Service. It can involve a number of steps that may occur over a period of weeks/months.

First steps

  • A questionnaire will be posted to the parents/carers which will ask for more information about the child or young person
  • The team will also seek further information from health and educational professionals involved with the child or young person

Parents/carers will be notified when the assessment process is about to begin.

Depending on the child’s age and stage of development, the child or young person may be assessed using one or more of the following options:

Preschool child

Nursery/Playgroup Observation  

Home Visit/Observation

Parent Interview
Clinic Appointment - see Clinic Appointment information leaflet

School-aged children

School Observation - see School/nursery visit/observation information leaflet
Initial Assessment Group - see Initial Assessment Group information leaflet
Speech and Language Assessment - see Speech and Language Assessment information leaflet
Parent Interview
Clinic Assessment Appointment - see Clinic Assessment – parent/carer information leaflet
Group-based Assessment - see Diagnostic Assessment Groups parent/carer information leaflet

The assessment typically finishes with the Clinic Assessment Appointment or Group-based Assessment and parents/carers will be informed of the decision reached. A written report will follow.

Page last updated:18 December 2015