The Clinic

This clinic targets mainly students and staff from the Northern Regional College however it is open to anyone who is over 16 and live in the trust area.

Sexual Health Services for males and females aged 16+
Family Planning and sexual transmitted infection testing
Free confidential service

How to contact us 
Text theclinic to 88020
Call: 028 2565 5615
Ballymena Trostan Avenue Campus
Thursday 9.30am - 3.30pm
Newtownabbey Campus
Monday 9.30am - 1.00pm

Why would I come to The Clinic?
You are thinking about having sex for the first time?
You want to talk to someone about a sexual health issue?
Your contraceptive has failed e.g. condom burst and you need emergency contraception
Pregnancy test?
Thinking about what contraception is best for you?
Have you had unprotected sex?
Starting a new relationship and you want to have a check up?

What to expect
Newtownabbey – report to the clinic receptionist
Trostan Avenue – Go straight to the Pastoral Care Centre and report to clinic receptionist.

Clinic receptionist will ask you to fill out a registration form, remember to give a current mobile number as we may need to contact you.

If you have no symptoms but are just worried you may have to provide a urine sample or have a blood test. In certain circumstances we will offer you a chaperone to accompany you to The Clinic. The service is still totally confidential.

If you require treatment this will be given to you during your appointment at no cost.
The staff are non-judgemental and professionally trained in all sexual health problems.
Information will not be passed to your Doctor unless your permission is given.

Page last updated:29 June 2016