Same-sex relationships

It is important that if you are in a same-sex relationship whether you are lesbian, gay, or bisexual that you take care of your sexual health. Please also read this section with our Men and Women section as appropriate. Sometimes people who are in same-sex relationships can find it hard to go to their GP but you can access your GUM/Sexual Health Clinic. The GUM/Sexual Health service is a confidential, non-judgemental, professionally-led clinic not linked to the GP service which uses a different registration number and system. If you want your information shared with your GP you can request this. If you receive any tests results that need treatment this can be completed through the GUM Service staff.

The Rainbow Project currently supports the Trust with the delivery of the MSM clinic which is a monthly clinic in Ballymena. They offer support and advice alongside the GUM outreach service on those nights. To book an appointment or for advice call the Booking Line 07825372014.

Other organisations which can offer advice/support
The Rainbow Project: The Rainbow Project works to improve the physical, mental & emotional health of gay, lesbian,  bisexual and/or transgender people and their families in Northern Ireland. Telephone: 028 9031 9030

Cara-Friend: Cara-Friend is an organisation dedicated to supporting, empowering, educating, and offering friendship to everyone in the LGBT community. Contact: 0808 8000 390

Here NI: Here NI is a community organisation and registered charity based in Belfast. It supports lesbian and bisexual women and their families and improve the lives of L& B women across Northern Ireland. Contact: 028 9024 9452

Page last updated:23 December 2014