Infant Feeding

The Northern Trust encourages all mothers to breastfeed their babies as this is the healthiest option. However, staff will also support and advise you about whatever method of feeding you decide to choose.

Baby Friendly Initiative

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust Maternity and Health Visiting Services have been successful in becoming the first joint service in the UK to receive the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) Gold Award in July 2018. This is a fantastic achievement for the Trust; the Gold award is the result of commitment and dedication to the care of babies and their families and is a testament to the excellent support that new babies and their families receive from the midwifery and community teams. The health and well-being of all babies is at the heart of the Baby Friendly Initiative, and how we delivery our maternity services.  We recognise that a strong mother-baby relationship is the foundation for a baby’s future health and well-being. Breastfeeding supports this loving bond and can make a vital difference to a mother and baby’s health. As a Baby Friendly accredited service we promote and support best practice in relation to breastfeeding.

Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshops

Breastfeeding workshops 2019 - Antrim  
Breastfeeding workshops 2019-Causeway

Page last updated:28 December 2018