Labour and Birth

Going into labour can generate feelings of excitement and apprehension. To help relieve anxiety it is important to be prepared. You will be able to find information on:

  • what to take with you if you are going into hospital to have your baby
  • signs of labour
  • information on pain relief and types available
  • advice on when to go into hospital
  • what happens in labour
  • the stages of labour
  • caring for your perineum during pregnancy, childbirth and post delivery. Getting my baby in the best position

This information can be found in the Labour and Birth section of the Pregnancy Book. This section also provides information on special cases such as premature labour, overdue pregnancy, induction and the various types of delivery as well as what your birth partner can do to help.

Further information and support can be found in the useful links section.

Page last updated:05 June 2019