Diabetes Services

According to Diabetes UK 2016, there were 88,305 people over 17 years of age on GP registers in March 2016 with a diagnosis of diabetes, an additional 1,300 children and young people and a further estimated 12,000 people undiagnosed. These figures increase diabetes prevalence in Northern Ireland to over 100,000 or 6% of the population.

Diabetes services are available across the Northern Trust. They are provided by different professions and within a multidisciplinary team including Diabetologists, Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Podiatrists, Dieticians and a Psychologist. Diabetes Inpatient services are provided within Antrim and Causeway Hospitals and offer diabetes education, management and a smooth discharge into the community.

Consultant and nurse led clinics
Both Consultant and Nurse led clinics are available in different locations across the Northern Trust. The Diabetes team work with GP’s, Nursing Homes and District Nurses and are based in the following areas.

Kathleen Montgomery
Tel: 02890552222

Sonia Kirkpatrick and Gareth Thomas
Tel: 02828261991

Antenatal / Pre-pregnancy Service: Sonia Kirkpatrick
Tel: 07827319722

Gareth Thomas (Monday and Wednesday)
Tel: 02890552228

Peter Weiniger/ Sharon McCartney/ Careen Getty
Tel: 02894424530

Mary Glass /Katie Speers
Tel: 02870346265

Mid Ulster:
Sharon Wilson / Amanda Kennedy
Tel: 02879547488

Caroline Finlay/Amanda Kennedy
Tel: 02825635287

Consultant contact details
Dr Rooney, Lead Consultant 
Tel 028 9442 4000 Antrim / Ballymena

Dr Kennedy 
Tel 028 9442 4000 Antrim / Whiteabbey Hospital

Dr Starzynski
Tel 028 9442 4000 Antrim / Mid Ulster Hospital

Dr Satti
Tel 028 9442400 Antrim / Mid Ulster Hospital

Dr Gidwani
Tel 028 70327032  Causeway Hospital

Referrals are made by your General Practitioner. Many GP surgeries run diabetes clinics and Diabetes Specialist Nurses assist some GPs in the running of some of these clinics.

Pre conception
It is well documented that planning a pregnancy significantly improves the outcomes and reduces risks during pregnancy. Within the Northern Trust we have pre conception diabetes clinics. Your General Practitioner can refer you to this clinic if you are not known to the diabetes service. The clinics are held weekly – Antrim and Ballymena.

Gestational and antenatal diabetes care.
Many pregnant people can develop diabetes during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. We offer a rapid access to this clinic supported by a midwife, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Diabetologist and Obstetrician. These clinics take place in Antrim Area Hospital.

Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (Insulin Pumps)
The Northern Trust has specialist Insulin pumps clinics based in Whiteabbey, Ballymena and Causeway. Other technology that is available is Continuous Glucose Monitoring, to assist identifying problems that may occur with diabetes.

Structured Education:
Type 1 Diabetes: DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) is offered on different sites throughout the Trust. The course runs 8 times per year and supports people with Type 1 diabetes to manage their insulin around their food. More information is available at www.dafne.uk.com

Type 2 Diabetes: DESMOND (Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed) is a structured education for patients with Type 2 diabetes, which explores diet, treatments, preventing complications and foot care. It is also delivered on different sites around the Trust. More information is available at www.desmond-project.org.uk

Podiatry clinics are held throughout the Trust. The Causeway / Mid Ulster area offers an Enhanced Foot Pathway Protection Service. If a patient with diabetes has an urgent problem with a foot ulcer they will be assessed and seen within 24 – 48 hours. This team can be contacted Monday - Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm at 02870347070.

Dietetic clinics are held throughout the Trust at various sites and a dietician is present at the Consultant Led Diabetes clinics.

Psychology Service
This service is available to all patients who require support or have difficulty managing their diabetes. Referrals can be made by all the members of the multidisciplinary team and also your GP.

Collaboration with Northern Ireland Ambulance service.
Diabetes teams are working closely with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service to provide assistance and education, for those known to the diabetes services, who are having difficulties with hypoglycaemia and require follow-up advice to prevent further acute complications of diabetes and prevent admission to hospital when feasible

Local Groups
Diabetes UK has local groups throughout the trust. These groups meet at regularly throughout the year. They are run by people with diabetes. You can find your local group by contacting Diabetes UK on 02890666646 or visit www.diabetes.org.uk/northernireland

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