Remote Telemonitoring/Telehealth/Telecare


Telehealth is a service that allows you to record information about your health and send it to your healthcare professional. The service may be provided as part of ongoing care for a period of time if deemed appropriate for your condition. Telemonitoring is suitable for people who have been diagnosed with various conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or after a stroke/transient ischaemic attack (TIA).

Telemonitoring NI will help you to manage your condition and provide your team of healthcare professionals with information to enable them to make appropriate decisions about your care.

Benefits include:

  • Self-care: Managing your condition at home allows improved health and well-being
  • Connecting family, friends and carers
  • Patient care at home
  • GP Clinician – Access to patient information improving diagnosis and treatment
  • Community Nurse – Can check patient’s health at any time
  • Daily Monitoring – Ongoing assessment of medical condition
  • Link to triage nurses – 7 days a week


Telecare helps to manage risk and support independence by means of unobtrusive wireless sensors placed around the home which detect possible problems such as smoke, gas, flood or a person falling. Sensors automatically raise a local, audible alarm as well as alerting the 24 hour monitoring centre, who in turn will contact a carer or key holder.


  • 24 hour reassurance – you are linked to the Telecare service, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Maintains/enhances independence, enabling people to have greater independence and choice in their own home
  • Provides reassurance and peace of mind to the individual, and their carer or relatives
  • Can reduce the need for care packages
  • Can delay/avoid a move to a care home
  • Can prevent the need, or reduce the length of a hospital admission.
  • The equipment is non-intrusive and discreet, yet provides continuous, automatic and remote monitoring 24/7
  • Easy to use and can be tailored to individual needs.
  • Can provide access to a rapid response in the event of an emergency
  • Can enhance the quality of life for vulnerable people
  • Increases the safety and security of people living at home



If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this service, you should speak with your GP, specialist nurse or your hospital consultant and their team. Alternatively, contact the Trust’s Telehealth Service Manager on 028 9442 6100.


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