Carers' information and resources

Carer Assessment
A Carer Assessment can be carried out which gives carers an opportunity to tell us about the care they provide and how it affects their life. For more information see the Carer Assessment leaflet.

Carers Register
The Carers' Co-ordinator has a Carers Register which is only used to contact carers with relevant information about up-coming events, information about Carers Week or consultation events. If you wish your name and address to be held on this register please complete and return the registration form.

Extracare Family Training Programme
If you are an informal (unpaid) carer and need extra support with your caring responsibilities, your social care or health care worker such as a social worker, occupational therapist or district nurse can refer you to the Trust's Family Training Programme. This is a scheme whereby a trained professional will visit your home and provide you with information or training around a variety of issues, depending on your needs. In the past carers have received information/training on stress management, relaxation techniques, moving and handling and back care.

When caring ends or changes
Looking after someone may be a large part of your life but it is inevitable that your caring role will change or end over time.  Whatever your situation you can find help and support.  Carers NI have developed a resource which you may find useful.

For help and advice providing a variety of vital support services.
Directory of services to help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.
Take 5

Resources available
AgeNI leaflet - Live Life Your Way - Supporting people in later life to live independently in their own homes
A-Z for carers
Balancing Life and Caring - Carers UK leaflet
Extra care family training programme
Looking after someone - Carer's rights guide
Taking a break
LGBTQ and caring

Translated Leaflets 
Do you look after someone? - Add your name to the carer information list
Do you look after someone? Arabic version
Do you look after someone? - Bulgarian version
Do you look after someone? - Cantonese version
Do you look after someone? Lithuanian version
Dou you look after someone? - Mandarin version
Do you look after someone? Polish version
Do you look after someone? Portuguese version
Do you look after someone? - Romanian version
Do you look after someone? - Russian version
Do you look after someone? - Slovak version
Do you look after someone? - Somalian version

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