Symptomatic Breast Service

If you have a concern or symptom regarding your breasts, please contact your GP as soon as possible. They may refer you to a ‘One Stop’ Symptomatic Clinic at the Centre. At this clinic you will see a breast surgeon and may have radiology and pathology investigations such as a mammography and /or ultrasound and biopsy, as necessary. Results should be available on the same day. A Breast Care Nurse is available at this clinic for support and further advice.

Oncology follow-up and Self Directed Care

Please contact the Breast Screening Centre on 028 9442 4425 or speak to one of the Breast Care Nurses for further information on 028 9442 4874 / 028 9442 4047.

Family History Screening

If you are concerned that you may have a family history of breast cancer, please see your GP who may refer you to one of the Family History Clinics.

Page last updated:29 December 2014