Preparing for the future

Planning for the future is about talking with the people closest to you about what you may or may not want to happen regarding your care and in the event of your death. Planning for your future care is important in case you ever become unable to make choices yourself, for example if you were to become unconscious or lose capacity (the ability) to make decisions about treatment.

Dying matters can help you address these sensitive issues. Dying Matters is an initiative created by The National Council for Palliative Care aimed at people approaching the end of their life and their carers, relatives and friends.
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Commissioned by Dying Matters, 'I Didn't Want That' is a poignant and powerful short film highlighting the importance of making your end of life wishes clear.

Released as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2012, the short film was created to act as a stimulus for changing the way the nation thinks about death. 'I Didn't Want That' has been widely praised, and was chosen to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

I didn't want that video

Your life and your choices – plan ahead

Macmillan Cancer Support have produced a booklet which explains how you can plan ahead for your future care.

This booklet discusses creating a Lasting Power of Attorney, writing down how you would like to be cared for using a Preferred Priorities for Care document and writing Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment. It also has information about making a will, organ and tissue donation, and funeral planning.

The document is available on the Macmillan website  Or please ask one of your health and social care professionals to give you an Advance Care Plan document.

Page last updated:03 December 2015