Support after Miscarriage (SAM)

The role of this group is to reduce the anguish and suffering caused by pregnancy loss by offering, strength, comfort and encouragement to those that attend.

For the purpose of this group the term ‘Pregnancy loss’ means any miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy.

The group will allow people to support each other by sharing their own experiences and strengths, in a warm and friendly environment. We will be non-judgemental and will encourage empathy, individual and group participation.

Membership of this group is open to any person or couple that have suffered the distress of pregnancy loss at any time. There will be no restraints on the length of time of membership.

**Meetings will take place in Willow House Sitting Room at Occupational Health on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Date for next meeting to be confirmed at the end of previous meeting.

Structure of Group
The group will start with a round of introductions, with each person being encouraged to share their name and their story. Person’s may or may not wish to discuss their loss immediately; therefore the group will be flexible in order to allow time for the participants to bond.

As Group Leaders WE WILL:
o Be warm
o Be Sympathetic
o Provide non-judgemental support
o Allow silence
o Listen actively and encourage people to share
o Stay with people in distress
o Ask questions
o Protect confidentiality
o Keep the group on track
o Bring the group to close at an appropriate time.

As Group Leaders WE WILL NOT:
o Be judgemental
o Provide counselling
o Give advice
o Be impatient or hurry people through their tears
o Appear disinterested and bored.

Page last updated:20 September 2016