Butterfly scheme

Butterfly Scheme in operation in Antrim Area and Causeway Hospitals

“The Butterfly Scheme” is available in Antrim Area and Causeway Hospitals to improve the wellbeing and safety of people with memory impairment dementia or delirium.

The scheme was created by a family carer and is already being used in hospitals across England, Scotland and Wales. It allows people with memory impairment and their carers the choice to “opt in”, so that they are empowered to request specific personalised care during their stay in hospital. This personalised approach improves the quality of care and the in-patient experience

Dr Maura Young Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry for the Northern Trust, said: “The Butterfly Scheme is known to make a real difference to the quality of hospital care for those with dementia so we’re delighted to have this scheme operational in our two acute hospitals.”

All staff who come into contact with dementia patients, including hospital porters, housekeeping and professional care staff, are trained in the scheme so that the interaction skills and support provided to the person with Dementia is more consistent.

Anyone interested in the scheme should ask staff on the ward for details.

Page last updated:05 May 2017