John's campaign

The Trust is piloting John’s Campaign in some medical wards in Antrim Area Hospital. The wards involved will be A3, A4, A1, EAU, B4, C3 and B2.

John’s Campaign was launched in the Observer in November 2014 after the death of Dr John Gerrard.

John Gerrard had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in his mid‐70s. He was managing to live a good, if limited, life at home, caring for his wife and supported by his family. He was admitted to hospital in February 2014 (aged 86) to receive treatment for infected leg ulcers. During his five‐week stay, visits from his family were severely restricted due to an infection outbreak and his decline was catastrophic. “My father went into hospital articulate and able: he emerged a broken man.” These words are from his daughter Nicci Gerrardʹs article in the Observer newspaper.

John’s Campaign aims to give carers of those living with dementia the right to stay with them in hospital, in the same way that parents stay with their sick children.

The hospital wards involved at Antrim Area Hospital will encourage carers to stay with their loved ones. The campaign is aimed at the main identified carer for the patient.

Page last updated:04 May 2017