Memory Service

The Memory Service has been established to address the increasing numbers of undiagnosed dementia in the community and in nursing homes and aims to help people to live well with dementia through timely diagnosis and support.

A comprehensive service is offered to include pre-diagnostic counselling, timely comprehensive assessment, post diagnostic counselling, support and education.

Following referral a Memory Link Worker will make contact to explain how the Memory Service works and to offer pre-diagnostic counselling. A comprehensive assessment will then be arranged in partnership with the individual.

The assessment can provide a number of outcomes; it can confirm if an individual has dementia and, if so, the specific type of dementia. It can also confirm if someone doesn’t have the condition and perhaps has a mild cognitive impairment.

The Service also helps families by explaining how dementia works and helping both the individual and family members to interact successfully, thereby reducing the frustration that many people with dementia can experience.

If anyone thinks they may have dementia, or know someone who may, they can speak to their GP or other healthcare professionals to request a referral to the service.

Dr Frances Duffy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Northern trust said “It is a fact that your memory does deteriorate as you get older but if you feel you, or a loved one, may have an undiagnosed dementia please contact your GP. This service is a fantastic support, by getting diagnosed early and having the right support people can still continue to live well”.

Approximately 80-100 new assessments are completed each month and waiting times for a diagnosis of dementia has reduced as a result of the Memory Service being introduced.


Page last updated:04 May 2017