Nursing Home In Reach project

The Nursing Home In-Reach team initiative aims to enhance the skills set of nurses within nursing homes to improve the patient experience by preventing residents attending the Emergency Department when it could potentially have been avoided.

Currently the team is actively engaged with 40 nursing or nursing and residential homes in the Northern Trust area.

The In Reach team worked, in partnership with others, to devise a training programme for the registrant nurses. The training focused on those conditions that most commonly caused an attendance to the Emergency Department.

Team members provide visible support to nursing home staff to facilitate training within the care home and engage with acute hospital colleagues to support patient’s hospital discharge, where a new training need for care home staff has been identified.

This initiative has had a positive and sustained impact on patients and their families and has avoided emergency department attendances, allowing patients to seek treatment in the comfort of their nursing home environment.

For Information Contact: Mandy Ellis, Practice Development Facilitator on 07774333272, Sadie Campbell, Practice Development Facilitator on 07774333321 or Julie Foster, Practice Development Facilitator on 07789745325

Page last updated:04 May 2017