Acute Portering Services

Porters provide services to meet the needs of patients, staff, visitors and other users at Antrim Area Hospital; Ballymena Health and Care Centre, Braid Valley Hospital, Ballymena; Causeway Hospital, Coleraine; Mid Ulster Hospital, Magherafelt; Moyle Hospital, Larne and Whiteabbey Hospital sites.

Portering Services are provided in:

  • Wards 
  • Departments 
  • Laboratories 
  • Public areas 
  • Office accommodation 
  • Staff accommodation

At certain sites there are specific porters to meets the needs of certain departments. These departmental porters are located in:

  • Emergency Departments
  • Theatres 
  • X-ray 
  • Laboratories 
  • Pharmacy

Portering Services provide a support service to all departments within the hospital. The range of services is extensive but they can mainly be grouped into certain categories. These are:

  • Patient transfers
  • Meal deliveries
  • Waste transfer (Clinical and non-clinical)
  • Postal services
  • Medical gases
  • Specimen collections
  • Record transfers/retrieval
  • Pharmacy collections/deliveries
  • Stores
  • Mortuary services
  • Linen services
  • Catering transfers

Support Services and Facilities Managers on each site also have responsibility for the security of their respective sites.

Contact details

Deputy General Manager Antrim Area Hospital
Tel: 028 9442 2678

Community Facilities Liaison Manager Braid Valley Hospital
Tel: 028 27661371 

Support Services Manager Causeway Hospital
Tel: 028 7034 6010

Support Services Manager Mid Ulster Hospital
Tel: 028 7681 6774 

Assistant Support Services Manager Whiteabbey Hospital and Moyle Hospital
Tel: 028 7661 2217

Traffic management

There is a pay for parking system for patients and vistors on Causeway and Antrim Hospital Sites.

This is managed by a Car park management Team

Contact Antrim/Causeway Sites
028 9442 4000 / 028 7032 7032 

Community Portering

A community portering service is provided at Holywell Hospital.


  • Postal services
  • Waste transfer
  • Stores
  • Pharmacy collection/delivery
  • Delivery of linen to wards
  • Medical gases
  • Record transfers
  • Catering transfers
  • Furniture/equipment moves (Holywell Hospital only)

For more information contact the Community Domestic/Portering Manager
Tel: 028 9441 3326

Mobile Cleaning Team Community Domestic Services

Community Domestic Portering staff provide a periodic/heavy duty cleaning service to community facilities in the Northern Trust.


  • Carpet shampooing 
  • Hard floor maintenance 
  • Wall washing 
  • Cleaning high level interior glass 
  • Shampooing textile furniture 

For more information contact Assistant Community Domestic Services Manager:

Tel: 028 9442 4000

Page last updated:30 June 2016