Inpatient catering services

A menu card, available in additional languages, is given to all patients admitted to hospital. This offers a varied menu for all meals each day. A beverage service is also provided in addition to breakfast, lunch and an evening meal.

Patient menus always include a vegetarian and healthy eating choice, as well as special selections for children and cardiology wards. A special choice to suit patients with religious or cultural traditions can be arranged, by asking the nursing staff during your stay in hospital.

Some of our food items may contain traces of nuts. If you have an allergy to nuts or any other foods please advise the nursing staff.

Main meals are served between the following times:

Breakfast: 8.30 am - 9 am
Lunch: 12 noon - 1.15 pm
Evening meal: 5.30 pm - 6.15 pm

We encourage all patients to take part in any surveys on catering during their stay in hospital and also give us feedback on all our Trust services so we can continue to improve.

For more information on inpatient catering services contact:
Tel: 028 9442 4502

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Page last updated:29 December 2014