Addiction Service

The Addiction Service provides a comprehensive range of services to adults (18+) in a number of locations across the Trust area.

Individuals who are using alcohol or drugs in a harmful or dependent way can access non-judgmental, confidential and accessible treatment from specifically trained health and social care professionals who are experienced in helping with a wide range of complex problems caused by harmful and dependent use of alcohol and/or drugs

The Addiction Service has a care pathway that starts with assessment of the problems alcohol and/or drugs is causing the individual and their family and works together with the individual and their family to plan the most appropriate treatment and support.

Most individuals’ access treatment close to their home in a community clinic and some may also require an inpatient addiction unit or residential rehabilitation admission for treatment of specific complex problems.

Treatment will often include a mixture of 1-1 and group treatments sessions that help individuals to reduce the harm they are experiencing from their drug and alcohol dependency and support a pathway to recovery and improved quality of health, family life and social and psychological functioning. 

Referrals to the service are usually made through a GP or another health and social care professional.

For advice and further information please contact:

Community Addiction Service
105a Railway Street
BT42 2AF
Tel: 028 2531 7162

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