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Welcome to the Equality Unit section of the Northern Trust website. Promoting equality of opportunity and good relations is of primary importance to the Trust.

The Trust has in place a Section 75 Action Based Plan and Disability Action Plan which after consultation were amended in light of feedback received.

Our Equality Scheme sets out how the Trust will fulfil its equality duties. The Trust’s Equality Scheme has been approved by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. The Scheme outlines what we intend to do to improve fair and equal access to services and employment. In approving the Scheme the Equality Commission commended the Trust for adopting the best practice in promoting equality and going beyond the minimum legal obligations in order to do so.

The Scheme is available, on request, in accessible formats, including Easy Read, Braille, audio formats (CD, mp3 or DAISY), large print or minority languages.

The Trust has carried out an Audit of Inequalities and developed an Emerging Themes document which has helped identify the inequalities to be addressed.

Each year the Trust publishes a progress report detailing how we are promoting equality of opportunity and implementing the commitments in our Equality Scheme. Trust Board has approved the 2016/17 Annual Progress Report.

It is here that you will find what we are doing to meet our legal duties on equality of opportunity and find information on what progress we are making with screening and equality impact assessment of our policies and functions.

The fourth edition of Equality News, the Equality Unit's newsletter is now available. In this edition we set out the work we have been doing over the last year and provide some useful information that will help to ensure our services are accessible to everyone.

The Trust's Good Relations strategy is committed to ensuring that staff, services users and carers feel welcome and comfortable when coming to work and when accessing services. The Trust has a legal duty to promote Good Relations between people of different religious beliefs, political opinion or racial group. 

The Trust Chairman stated:-

“We believe that the Trust must reflect all the communities and people it serves, in both service delivery and employment, and tackle all forms of discrimination. We need to remove inequality and ensure there are no barriers to health and wellbeing. We will ensure that all our customers are dealt with fairly and equitably. Equality and diversity is integral to all of the Trust’s activities. Our services need to be flexible and adaptable so that no-one is unfairly disadvantaged.”

Promoting Equality in Health and Social Care
Consultation begins on our Draft Equality and Disability Action Plans.  This consultation will run from 7 August to 7 November 2017

For more information and to provide your response, visit the consultations section of our website.

‘Delivering Together’ – Regional Health and Social Care Engagement Event

A regional Health and Social Care engagement event was held in Knockbracken Hall on 19 January 2017. Please note link to the report which details the outcome of this event. https://view.pagetiger.com/Outcome-Report. The report is also available on request in any alternative formats to optimise accessibility.

The purpose of this regional engagement event was to develop our Equality and Disability Action Plans. We hope that our engagement to date marks only the start of effective partnership working and that we will be able to co-design many forthcoming projects. We agreed that we would draft our action plans to tackle inequalities and to promote disability duties based on your priorities, perspectives and experience. The feedback detailed in the outcome report will shape our plans which will be consulted on in August 2017.

If you would like any more information on equality issues please contact:

Alison Irwin
Head of Equality
The Equality Unit
Route Complex
8E Coleraine Road
BT53 6BP

Telephone: 028 2766 1377
Fax: 028 2766 1209
SMS: 078 2566 7154
Email: equality.unit@northerntrust.hscni.net

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