Northern Trust is up for the challenges ahead

A report published by the DHSSPS into the challenges and need for change at the Northern Health and Social Trust has been welcomed by the Trust.

Mary Hinds, Senior Director of Turnaround at the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, said: “As a nurse I know that the most important thing for any health professional is the ability to deliver the very best patient care.

We welcome the Report as it sets out a clear direction for the Trust which harnesses the enormous talents of doctors, nurses and other health professionals to make the changes that are needed.

In the short time I have been in my role, I have been greatly impressed by the way staff have engaged with this process and begun to create a new culture that will deliver lasting improvements to patient care.

I know that actions speak louder than words, and while the Trust has begun to make changes which are having a positive impact on patient care, the next few months will be vital in our preparation for the winter ahead.”

The Trust has already strengthened day to day management, including the development of daily performance information which the senior team use to support daily decision making. Already there have been some promising improvements in performance in the Emergency Department.

Dr Calum MacLeod, the interim Trust Medical Director said: “We want to provide the very best care for our patients. This report is very welcome and we are looking forward to tackling the challenges ahead and making sure patients can rely on the highest quality care.”

The Trust has also established a joint partnership forum bringing local GPs and Trust Clinical / Professional leads together. The first meeting has taken place and regular meetings are planned moving forward. The aim is to strengthen the clinical voice in the design and delivery of services and create an environment where services are led by clinical staff supported by responsive management.

Following a workshop with attendance from Trust staff and GPs and a series of discussions with front line staff an agreed detailed action plan to address the ‘fix’ phase of the Turnaround Team Report has been developed.

Dr Brian Patterson, a local GP, said: “Already we are beginning to see stronger links being forged between primary care and the Northern Trust, strengthened by the appointment of a GP medical Director and joint education events where hospital Doctors and GPs can learn together. There is a significant amount of work to do but these are encouraging foundations to greater co-operation and understanding for the future. It is still very early days but so far, so good.”

The Trust will be providing regular updates on progress so that people can see what is being done and hold them to account.

14th June 2013

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