Nursing service keeping people out of hospital – Poots

Health Minister Edwin Poots has visited the Hospital Diversion Nursing Team HDNT, an initiative in the Northern Trust that aims to prevent inappropriate admission to hospital and unnecessary attendances at the Emergency Department.

The Minister said: “Transforming Your Care highlights the need to enhance treatment, care and support closer to home and in the community. The HDNT puts this principle into action.”

The Minister visited the home of 75-year-old Eleanor Lockhart who has Bronchiectasis, a complex obstructive lung disease. She was referred to the HDNT for administration of intravenous (IV) antibiotics three times daily for two weeks. The treatment is currently being provided at home, which means she does not have to go into hospital.

The Minister said: “I am delighted to meet with Mrs Lockhart today, who has explained to me the benefits of receiving care and treatment in her own home. I am extremely impressed with the level of service being provided to patients and clients.

“This nursing team is an excellent example of the work that is being done in line with TYC to keep people out of hospital, promote health and well being and support the independence of our older people. It is also a great demonstration of effective use of our health and social care resources.”

Speaking to the Minster, Mrs Lockhart said: “I think this is a marvellous service. I have been monitored and had my treatment at home without taking up a hospital bed and I still have my own freedom.”

Wendy Magowan, Interim Assistant Director, Primary and Community Care for Older People’s Services said: “HDNT provides an excellent alternative to hospital admission and facilitates early supported discharge. The team offers acute nursing intervention such as IV antibiotics and blood transfusions in the patient’s own home.”

21st June 2013

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