Contractor appointed to build extension to Antrim Neonatal Unit

McCombe Brothers construction firm have been awarded the contract to build the extension to the Neonatal Unit at Antrim Area Hospital. Work began on the new extension yesterday.

Brenda McConville, Assistant Director Paediatric Services for the Northern Trust said: “The extension is a welcome development as it will provide additional working areas for staff around the babies cot space and promote safe and effective delivery of care. The unit will also provide increased accessibility for parents and improved parent and family experience while their baby is being cared for in the unit.

She continued: “The demand for neonatal intensive care has increased in conjunction with the growth in clinical expertise in treating and caring for neonates. Whilst the Neonatal Unit provides a high standard of clinical care it has been recognised that the environment will benefit from the enhanced footprint the extension will provide”.

A modern neonatal unit requires an extensive range of equipment which must be stored within the clinical area in a state of readiness for immediate use. The extension will also provide appropriate storage area for these items which are currently too large for the existing storage areas.

The Trust would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any disruption patients, visitors and staff may experience while on the Antrim Area Hospital site. It is anticipated that work will be completed by the end of Summer 2014.

8th August 2013

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