Trust wins RCN Leadership Challenge

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust were delighted to win the RCN Challenge recently in Belfast. The Northern Trust was represented by a team of senior nurses and midwives from across various directorates and won both the ‘Most Person-Centred Team’ category and the ‘Overall Challenge Winners’ of 2013.

The purpose of the Leadership challenge is to provide senior nursing and midwifery staff with an opportunity to act as a Senior Management Team of a fictional Trust, in order to test their capacity to respond to challenging situations and work collaboratively.

The format of the day involved the teams being asked to develop a Trust-wide Strategy. In addition, teams were given a number of other tasks or interventions to deal with, which were based on real life events. Throughout the day the teams were closely monitored by a panel of assessors, made up of senior nurse leaders and senior managers, who awarded points based on set criteria.

2nd December 2013

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