Dedicated Paediatric area in the Emergency Department

The Northern Trust has introduced an innovative training initiative in Antrim Area Hospital Emergency Department so that paediatric patients can be cared for by highly skilled paediatric nurses.

The initiative, which is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, involves three paediatric nurses from the paediatric ward, undertaking a six month rotation in the Emergency Department.

The nurses combine their specialist paediatric knowledge and skills with emergency care training and support from the Clinical Nurse Educator and medical colleagues.

One of the Paediatric Nurses involved, Lisa English, commented: “This has been a very positive change in the treatment of children which encompasses paediatric care from the Emergency Department through to paediatric admission or discharge to General Practitioner care. I have enjoyed my rotation to the Emergency Department so much I would be happy to stay here”.

The new Emergency Department in Antrim Area Hospital opened at the end of June with state-of-the-art paediatric waiting and treatment areas. The new staff rotation further ensures that paediatric patients are given dedicated and specialised treatment and care.

Sister Mary Adams, Manager of Antrim Emergency Department, said: “This development has been achieved through effective team working and has been an inspiring development for staff in the Emergency Department as well as the Paediatric Nurses themselves. There is improved safeguarding of our children as they stay in a dedicated area under the watchful eye of the Paediatric Nurses.”

17th December 2013

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