Northern Trust establish new learning disability forum

The Northern Trust, supported by CAN (Compass Advocacy Network), has established a service user forum for people with a learning disability so they can have a real say in how services are provided.

‘The Forum’ is chaired by a learning disability service user and at the inaugural meeting, adults who use the Trust’s learning disability services elected 20 members to sit on The Forum and attend quarterly meetings.

Members have agreed to initially focus on getting appropriate training so they can participate in recruitment processes and so be involved in choosing the staff that support them. Members are also developing a training programme to raise awareness of the needs of people with a learning disability when accessing hospital services, particularly in an emergency situation.

Oscar Donnelly, Director of Mental Health and Disability Services in the Northern Trust, said: “The Trust is committed to involving and listening to our services users, to ensure that they have a say on how services are delivered.

The Forum is an exciting development that will allow service users to bring about positive change and I would like to thank all those who are giving up their time to provide us with their views on how we can improve our services.”

Members of the learning disability forum.

30th December 2013

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