School Nurses promote heart health in Coleraine

As part of National Heart Month, School Nurses in Coleraine helped raise awareness with families about the importance of keeping your heart healthy from an early age.

Sharon Graham, School Nurse said, “We took the opportunity during a school audiology clinic to raise awareness with parents about healthy lifestyles in school aged children. Small changes in lifestyle such as healthy eating and exercise can help prevent and manage heart disease in adulthood.

“With heart disease the largest single cause of death in Northern Ireland, it is vital that from an early age children get advice and help in relation to good diet, exercise and maintaining healthy lifestyles.”


Pictured: Colette Johnston, School Nursing student, discussing healthy heart information with Rhys Woods, his  mother Julie-Ann Woods and baby sister. Also included in the picture are Ann Maybin, Manager, Coleraine Public Health Nursing Team and Sharon Graham, School Nurse Practice Teacher, Coleraine Public Health Nursing Team

10th March 2014

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